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Los Angeles magician at upscale private parties, and trade shows and corporate events nationwide.

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Go Out And Fail

But what they don’t tell you is that stage time is the single most important thing to staying great. Here’s some advice I gave a local Los Angeles magician: You need a low-pressure environment to try out new material, because the last place you want to do new stuff is at a client booking! If I’m not hired to perform there, I’ll visit the club once a week, and do impromptu performances in the museum for any guests who come on down. One day, you’ll be mediocre – then one day you’ll be good – and eventually, you’ll be great.

Sarah Skilton’s CLUB DECEPTION Out Now

But CLUB DECEPTION has more twists than a magic show, and it provides a rarely seen, behind-the-curtain look at the world of magic. If you’re a fan of mysteries, romances, or even dark comedies, I bet you’ll stay up late turning pages, eager to find out what happens next. Claire Fredericksson is the beating heart of Club Deception, downtown L. A.’s most exclusive magicians’ society, and the real source of magic behind her philandering husband Jonathan’s award-winning magic show (I swear it’s not based on me) but her debilitating stage fright has kept her out of the limelight for twenty years. But when a magician rivalry and a stolen routine erupt into murder, Claire and the other magicians’ wives must uncover the truth and set things right for the men they love.

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