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PGS FET #2 Transfer Results - Not Just A Beauty Blogger

This transfer was different from my FET #1 first and most important was my excision surgery for the endometriosis and removal of three fibroids in October 2016, I did inter-lipids before the transfer, I added in Lovenox and prednisone, and I had both PIO (progesterone in oil) injections and progesterone suppositories. I gave it five years, 2 IUI’s, 3 IVF Cycles, 2 IVF banking cycles, 2 PGS FET’s, 2 States (Colorado + Florida), 500+ injections, $175,000, 7 babies transfered and countless tears. , It’s OK that it didn’t work out , it’s OK that you are moving forward in your life without a baby if that’s what you choose.

How To Maintain Hope Through Infertility-Guest Blogger Lisa Newton

I was doing research on Pinterest early in my infertility journey, and I came across Lisa’s Thirty Days of Prayer Through Infertility. If you’re struggling to maintain hope and to find solid ground to stand on during infertility, I encourage you to meditate on three of my favorite promises in Scripture. When we cry to Him and trust Him with our tears, He promises us that one day He will turn our tears into joy. But we can feel even greater comfort when we understand that even if we never meet anyone else with a similar infertility story, God promises that He will never leave us alone.

I am Back with a Special Annoucement!

My main reason for starting a second blog wasn’t to create more work for myself, it was to share and build a community of women that are empowered through fertility struggles. So I am back, back to inspire you with new blog posts, support you with your questions and keep our powerful circle expanding to others that need our help. Since I last posted here, I have been busy scheduling photo shoots, styling and creating over on my Fresh Beauty Studio blog. So in the meantime, the next couple of posts will be from very special bloggers that I have asked to share their personal stories with you on my blog to show that you are not alone.

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