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Danasia@theurbanrealist.com Creator of TheUrbanRealist.com, UR/WIN Consulting Agency & my dog parenting blog LargeDogSmallApartment.com.
I love covering home decor, luxury travel, lifestyle and large dog necessities! Let's work together! Seen On @elleusa @USAToday & more! Based in Atlanta!

Location Atlanta, GA United States
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 20, 2022
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The way this dog sleeps with his eyes slightly open KILLS me! He sleeps like he works 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. . . . . #blackgermanshepherds #blackgermanshepherdsofinstagram #germanshepherdsonline #germanshepherdsofig #germanshepherdsdaily #blackgsd #blackpeoplepets #blackdogsrule #blackdogsrock #bigdogsrule #bigdogsofinstagram #dogsonadventures #cutesdogs #adoptdontshop #mydogisthecutest #puppylife #dogmom #blackwomenlovedogs #rescuedog #rescuedogsrule

Thanks for the birthday love! Honestly I wasn’t really looking forward to my birthday (I know, so unlike a Sag) but I’m finally feeling good and hopeful that this year and 2023 will be INCREDIBLE! LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!!

First newsletter drops at 8. LET’S GOOOOOOO! My birthday is tomorrow so I’m a little turnt and wouldn’t have it any other way! Subscribe at the link in the bio!

Slept an hour and 14 minutes last night according to my Fitbit. Is insomnia kicking anyone else’s ass? Also, that trampoline looking thing is a training tool for Miles- I don’t jump up and down on it. 😂 If you need me you can find me on my couch, which I no longer photograph because the boys have taken it over entirely. Happy #TGIF YALL . . . . #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlskillingit #blackgirlluxury #baldwomen #melaninpoppin #creatorsofinstagram #theeverygirlathome #theeverydaygirl #blackwomeninbusiness #blackwomeninluxury #abmplantlady #abmathome #abmlifeissweet #dogmom #dogmomaf #plantmom

Humphrey always snores like he’s done manual labor 6 days a week, 12 hours a day! Smh. He’s so cute though I can’t even be mad. . . . . #mastifflove #mastiffsofig #bigdoglove #bigdoglovers #spanishmastiff #dogmom #ilovemydog #blackpeoplepets #blackwomenlovedogs #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrule #rescuedoglife #dogsarethebest #dogmom #dogmomlife

They know better, especially on a Saturday morning! . . . . #blackgermanshepherds #blackgermanshepherdsofinstagram #germanshepherdsonline #germanshepherdsofig #germanshepherdsdaily #blackgsd #blackpeoplepets #blackdogsrule #blackdogsrock #bigdogsrule

Yeah… this mental health/social media break stuff is full of ups and downs, but let me just say I’m still getting my ass kicked when playing Fall Guys. Anyway, we’re back y’all! Sub to the newsletter @ the link in the bio. New shit coming soon! #TGIF . . . . #blackgirlswhoblog #blackgirlskillingit #blackgirlluxury #baldwomen #melaninpoppin #creatorsofinstagram #theeverygirlathome #theeverydaygirl #blackwomeninbusiness #blackwomeninluxury #abmplantlady #abmathome #abmlifeissweet #gamergirl #dogmom #gsd

Large Dog Small Apartment

That’s why it’s so important to understand seizures in dogs. Having a visual of your dog’s seizure is a big help for your vet. Once your dog has gotten through his seizure, it’s time to start addressing the issue as quickly as possible. It’s important to remain calm, understand what’s happening, and get your dog treatment as soon as possible.

Meet Miles- My New German Shepherd Puppy!

The shelter allowed me to bring Humphrey by before adopting him to make sure they would get along- Having a puppy again has been fun, but definitely has it’s own set of challenges, especially since he’s a working line dog. He needs tons of discipline and plenty of things to do to keep him busy. I’ll be sure to share tips and things I’m learning on this journey of being a new German Shepherd puppy Mom!

Keeping Your Dog Busy When You Live In An Apartment

This game is great because they get some tasty treats and some great mental stimulation. Tug of war is a natural way to play with your dog and help him relieve pent up energy because it’s how dogs naturally play with each other. Because dogs can get incredibly excited when playing this game, establish some ground rules such as stopping the game if your dog’s teeth touch your hand or he gets too aggressive in his play. A trip to the park allows for the physical stimulation of being free to run and play, while also giving him the mental stimulation of meeting new friends.

26 Toxic Plants for Dogs- Here's What To Avoid

The plant contains terpenoid saponins, compounds which can cause symptoms ranging from salivation to death in extreme cases. Also called Poison Parsley, Spotted Hemlock, Winter Fern, California Fern, Nebraska Fern, and Deadly Hemlock, this plant contains various alkaloids which can cause symptoms ranging from agitation to death in severe cases. Also known as Branching Ivy, Glacier Ivy, Needlepoint Ivy, Sweetheart Ivy, and California Ivy, the plant contains triterpenoid saponins, which can cause the following symptoms: Another popular garden plant on the list of toxic plants for dogs, Chrysanthemum contains a variety of compounds which are irritating and toxic to dogs.

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