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a blog about a girl who loves fashion, food, and a boy named Matthew

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The Cutest Affordable Easter Dresses

I can hardly believe it, but Easter is just around the corner! Time has been moving so fast, and especially with a newborn, all my days are just blending together. However I’ve noticed the flowers are starting to bloom and the air is finally feeling a bit warmer, so I think it’s safe to say, its time to start shopping for the affordable Easter dresses! dress {40% off!}

The Newborn Essentials We Can't Live Without

Now that we’re on baby number two {so surreal!} we’ve been reaching for some of the newborn essentials we loved with Augustine, but also some new ones we’ve discovered recently. I thought I would walk you through all of my favorites in case you have a baby on the way or want to buy a super helpful gift for a new mom! The Newborn Essentials We Can’t Live Without This is a product we didn’t have when Augustine was a baby, but I wish we had! It’s a portable baby lounger that is so easy to move from the bassinet or crib to wherever you need it in the house

The Best Gifts for New Moms

Having a new baby is a very exciting time and the little ones are usually flowered with gifts and given a lot of attention. Even with the luxury of having power naps and a warm cup of coffee during the day, moms still deserve some time to pamper themselves. When you’re spending so many of those early days at home, and feeling less like your usual self, a soft robe and cushion linen slippers {with a friendly little reminder on them! } can make you feel a little more special. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Turn on your JavaScript to view content Old Navy: 40% Off all spring faves sale!

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