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ETW #11 Travel to Queensland, Australia

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Tropical North and even Outback, Queensland truly is Australia in a nutshell. I hope to return on day, but even if I don’t I have some amazing memories that aren’t just nice, but which I know will stay with me as important life experiences until the end of my days. To help us better navigate Queensland, this week on the podcast we are joined by Australian travel blogger, Caroline Makepeace. Caroline and Craig Makepeace are the founders of y Travel Blog, one of the world’s most influential family travel blog.

The Mount Juliet Estate in Ireland & Crafting the Perfect Getaway

That’s not the only option, as I mentioned, there is also Hunter’s Yard, which is a more relaxed kind of luxury hotel next to the estate’s Jack Nicklaus I asked a staff member who told me that most people try horseback riding for the first time at Mount Juliet, under the careful tutelage of the estate’s instructors and trainers. When you’re done exploring Kilkenny, it’s time to spend more time relaxing at Mount Juliet, especially enjoying their critically acclaimed restaurants. It’s that balance that I think is so important in the travel experience, and it’s that balance that the Mount Juliet Estate manages and encourages so very well.

See You In a Week – I’m Going on Vacation

Rather than churn out less than great content quickly just so I can keep a publication schedule doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m doing something I’ve never done in the 9 years that I’ve been running LandLopers What was most interesting to us weren’t the large engines or how much fish they transport every week, no, it was that it was also what appeared to be a very comfortable passenger cruise ship as well. The cruise includes 2 days in the Faroe Islands and 2 days in Iceland and, honestly, the entire experience looks amazing. and I don’t need to lock up my phone in order to enjoy the travel experience.

Travel News: April 12, 2019

The ship then made an evening cruise to see the lit-up landmarks of Budapest as the Envision prepared for a short maiden voyage Monday on the Danube with a group of travel professionals. For all the griping and grousing you may hear about flying these days, a new report says the quality of airline service in the U. S. soared to a record high in 2018. The annual Airline Quality Rating, which measures airline service in four areas, shows carriers improved their overall performance compared to 2017. The carrier revealed brand new service between New York/Newark and Prague, as well as the only nonstop service between the United States and Naples, Italy.

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