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Learn tips and tricks on how to survive the twin pregnancy, prepare for and raise your twins:

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Transitioning from Work to Stay at Home Twin Dad with Eric Olson

Survive the twin pregnancy and thrive as a father of twins Transitioning from Work to Stay at Home Twin Dad with Eric Olson – Podcast 189Episode 189 of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast Show NotesIn this episode, I chat with Eric Olson, father of fraternal twin boys. Getting twins all the way to 38 weeksWhy they didn’t want visitors after the twins were bornWhen daycare arrangements fall apart right before the twins’ birthUnexpected surprises when returning to work after paternity leaveStepping away from the workforce to be a stay at home dad of twinsPreparing financially for the transition to a one income familyA typical day in the life of 3-year-old twinsWhen the twins move from cribs to bedsThe reality of adjusting to being a SAHDGetting young twins to help around the houseJoe: Hi there, and welcome to the 189th episode of the Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast

Common Developmental Delays in Twins

Common developmental delays in twins can make it seem like your twins aren’t progressing as you’d expect or when compared to siblings or peers. Many parents of twins worry about developmental delays in twins

How to Select and Afford Day Care for Twins

After talking with several twin parents, I’d say expect at least an average cost of daycare for twins of $250 per child per week as a baseline. On your way to work, you likely pass by several traditional child day care centers. Family-based daycare for twins is when the care happens in someone’s home. You don’t want one parent’s income almost exclusively going to pay for childcare.

Taking the Twins Across the Country with Mickey Farmer

unless it’s a special zoo like San Diego Zoo, then that’s probably not going to make my list. Mickey: So, there’s the festival section and then there’s also a section that I titled Haunted, unique or just playing weird. So, then you get things like Idaho has the world’s biggest dog. Joe: So, if listeners want to connect with you, what’s the best way to reach out?

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