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Jonathan Bailey, travel blogger/harried dad/vacation dreamer/worrier

Jon likes exploring far away places, home cooked meals like his Sicilian mama used to make, John Varvatos, and a front-of-the-line pass to just about anything.

Triton Klugh, designer/teen whisperer/uber organizer/dad humorist

Triton likes Starbucks venti black iced tea with double pumps classic, eating at restaurants (any, really), comfy t-shirts and Jason Bourne.

Sophia Bailey-Klugh, teen-going-on-30/tennis player/constant shopper/pop culture fanatic

Sophia likes Red Vines, scary movies, clothes shopping and Justin Bieber (still). Oh, and boys. She really likes the boys.

Ava Bailey-Klugh, teenager extraordinaire/cheerleader/ collector of many things/nature girl

Ava likes vampire romances, cookie dough, ironic t-shirts from 80s rock bands, and cuddly animals of any species.

Location San Diego, California Southern California
Member Since JULY 27, 2018
Social Audience 18K
  • Moz DA 36

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Recipe for Monte Cristo with a Twist-O

Starting with KING’S HAWAIIAN® Bread wraps the whole sandwich in that distinctive flavor our family loves. Then homemade bacon jam gives it some sweetness and spice, pickled jalapeños bring it a snap, and substituting salty pieces of bacon for the traditional ham lend some texture. huge fans of King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Sliced Bread and buy it regularly on our weekly trips to Target . In addition to the King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Sliced Bread, another secret ingredient is my homemade bacon jam.

Nana's Recipe for Traditional Italian Easter Bread

Raised in an Italian family, one of my favorite traditions with this colorful recipe for Italian Easter Bread. Of course, I didn’t realize you color the eggs raw, and then weave them into the Italian Easter Bread before baking. Since the dough has been braided and forms an Easter wreath of sorts, the eggs are tucked in about the braids. Optional: When the Italian Easter Bread is completely cooled, mix together powdered sugar, almond extract and milk in a small bowl.

5 Things Your Teen Should Know About The Basics of Exterior Auto Care -

This is one of the more important basics of exterior auto care for you to teach your teen. This is another enormously important thing to teach your teen about the basics of exterior auto care. All lights should be checked regularly including headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, turn signals and parking lights. Here are some other things you should consider when it comes to basic auto care: Teaching Your Teen the Basics of Auto Maintenance

Sweet and Salty Recipe for Bacon Jam

This post on my recipe for Bacon Jam was sponsored by Perdue Farms where I am a brand ambassador, and I may receive compensation from affiliate links included here. That’s why this Sweet and Salty Recipe for Bacon Jam is a winner on so many levels. The salty crunch of quality bacon pieces is combined with brown sugar, maple syrup and caramelized onions for an ideal combination. We love to eat Bacon Jam on burgers, crackers and cheese, in sandwiches like the Monte Cristo and much more.

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