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Are you in a journey to become the best version of yourself? Let’s talk all things leadership, career and professional development, habits and relationships! My goal is to share with you insights, tools, tips and tricks to help your in your journey

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Do you have a dream you keep putting off? For me that is writing and publishing a book. If you look at my vision boards over the last 5 years you will one common picture: that book. Me becoming an author. I have at least 5 incomplete manuscripts saved on my computer accumulating dust. Every time I’ve started I have give up. I realized I have a lot of fears and limiting beliefs to unpack and work on before I’ll ever realize my dream. And the only way I know to knock those down is to take action. Not any kind of action, but the type of action that would cast a vote towards the person I aspire to become. So this year for my birthday I am giving myself that gift. I am giving myself the gift of self-confidence. I’ve published a book. Not the book on my vision board but the book that unlocks and frees my mind from the limiting beliefs holding me back. More than a book filled with stories is a guide a roadmap that I hope helps others unlock their potential and take ownership of their careers. And me sharing it now here is me facing my fears. All that said I don’t want to diminish the work I put into this book or the power and value it has and that I know will offer to those who decide to grab a copy.

Thrive is live!!! Are you joining us today? Come unlock your potential and get excited to Design, Build & Drive your Career. . . .

Have you already grabbed a ticket to Thrive 2023? Thrive will not be the same without you. Come join us! Use the link on my bio to grab a free ticket 🎟️ An amazing line up of speakers awaits, ready to help you Design, Build & Drive your career. . . .

I'm thrilled to be here with you today to dive into a topic that's near and dear to all of our hearts: personal growth. This month on the podcast we are talking about Navigating your Path to Personal Growth and I am walking through step by step to build you very own personal growth plan. Tune in and build your personal growth plan along side me! . . .

Happy Friday! Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead!

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