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Are you in a journey to become the best version of yourself? Let’s talk all things leadership, career and professional development, habits and relationships! My goal is to share with you insights, tools, tips and tricks to help your in your journey

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I have been using Notion this year to plan my year, prioritize things and keep me aligned and on track with those priorities. I am excited to share the whole system I have been personally using. Dream, plan, create, and take action on your ideas in a digital & dynamic platform that changes and grows with you. From setting smarter goals, defining clear supporting actions, and tracking your progress, you’ll have an intuitive system to keep your most valued tasks front of mind. Want to learn my entire process on how I plan my year and I leverage Notion to keep me on track and aligned with my priorities throughout the year, join my 2023 Plan-a-Palooza event Check links on bio . . .

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving! If you live in the US, I want to take a minute to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the focus on gratitude, quality family time building new memories around delicious food and without the hustle and stress of the gifts, but rather giving away the best gift we can give anyone: our time, our attention and our gratitude and appreciation. Talking about gratitude and appreciation, I want to take a minute to express my gratitude for YOU. Thanks to you I get to continue to do what I love to do, what lifts and lights my heart and soul. Thank you for tuning in into the Leading Yourself Podcast and lean in with me in this personal development journey. . .

Let's turn the page on this year, take what we've learned, and enter the new year with intention and clarity on where we want to go. I am going to be hosting a FREE Intentional New Year Challenge. Every week over the month of December you will get access to a new session and resources to help you create a more intentional 2023. Week 1: Join me for end of the year meditation and self-reflection Week 2: We will be doing a Life Audit Week 3: Let's make our 2023 Vision Board Week 4: Join me to plan your year Check it out and sign up for free on the link in my bio . . .

You think your job keeps you too busy to practice self-care? You might think of self-care activities as something you do after work. You may look forward to having some me-time after working hours, only to discover that you have a million other things to address at home. By the time you finish your chores, it is already bedtime. And that me-time never comes! Daily burnout has become a serious issue as your work consumes your entire day and puts your self-care time on the back burner. It is high time to recognize the importance of self-care at work and make it a priority. Practicing self-care at work has never been more crucial, especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Why put off taking care of yourself till the end of the day when you can do it during the day? Don’t miss the two-part podcast series episode we will be digging into different ways you can practice self-care at work. . . .

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