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By Nilong Vyas, MD As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I recommend the use of a fan or sound machine when a child is learning to sleep through the night. A fan can drown out noises that may cause wakefulness such as cars going by, pets in the home, other siblings as well as a multitude of things that may wake a child and can prove to be advantageous in those situations

Sleepless in Seattle? Or Philadelphia? Or New York?

Here’s how to solve sleep problems while traveling. Insomnia can be a critical issue when traveling, when you need to be somewhere important and need to be rested; or mentally prepared for a meeting at work the next day

Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

I’ve taken my sons on many road trips. Wish I had seen this terrific article before! We’re super grateful here at Momosa Publishing for featuring our two children’s book series: Come Travel with Me and The Adventures of the Real Animals in the Most Magical Place on Earth

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