Mama Of Three Moons

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Sharing my parenting, lifestyle & marriage stories, tips, tricks & journey.

Location Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Taking better photos and videos for social media

This is why so many photos and videos you see on Insta and TikTok and Youtube, etc. look more high-quality and not just like a phone video. This depends on what you prefer to use, I like my phone or stealing my hubby’s phone (his is a step up from mine) I have a mini microphone, with the cutest little mini tripod stand to take with me, and a larger microphone that I use for at-home videos/audio clips. If you’re not making videos, podcasts, or audio files you may not need a mic, but I’m sharing mine just in

Chalk Marker Effects Anyone Can Handle

If you know anything about me by now you know I love a good sale, easy DIY things & products that are WORTH the money you spend on them. This works best with a script lettering, but you can play around with different lettering styles to find what you like best. Then you’ll come back with a coordinating (or contrasting if you wanna get funky) color and simply write using single line letters, dots to create the letters, lines… Simply use a different colored marker ( I like to use white) to trace around the exterior of each letter/word to create an outline.

The absolute best way to blackout your nursery!

If there is one thing I can suggest to all moms (and anyone wanting to sleep great) it is to add blackout curtains/blinds/shades to your decor. Blackout curtains/shades/blinds are a necessity for babies and kids because they create the ideal deep sleep environment. They are also highly beneficial to adults; especially those who work graveyard shifts or late night shifts and sleep during the day. The windows in her room are recessed so light still got into her room through the space between the wall and her curtains.

How to Start a blog to make money using Bluehost

Not only do you need to know what your site’s purpose will be, plan out the content (blogs and pictures, etc) that you’ll share, but you also need to know how to set up your website. Think twice before you start your blog on a free platform, especially if you’re thinking of buying your own domain name because attaching a domain name to a free site often costs more than a complete self-hosted site. If you plan on using your blog to make money, or even just want people to take your page seriously, I cannot recommend using and BlueHost to set up a self-hosted site. Free SSL certificate (this means your site visitors won’t get a horrible warning that your site is not secure, very worth it!)A Free domain name for the first year (um YES!)24/7 support, which will come in handy!

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