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Ambitious AF! Unicorn Status💐MSW/MPA ♡ Future lawyer 💐 Founder of The Ratchet Professional ◇ Co-host of the Bar Study Podcast Non-Profit Professional, Mom, lover of life, food, good times, and a good lip.

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Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday!

We Made It to 2021

I am starting this year off with a focus on SELF - Self-care and Self-preservation to be exact. They provide free and premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life. Partnering with Dancing & Life came at the right time, as I am entering my last semester of Law school and begin prepping for the NY & NJ Bar Exams, all while parenting, working, and living a very full life. So, over the next month, I'll be working through their "Dancing Through Crisis" Program (a free online video training program that will walk you through 7 powerful movements that can start the process of empowering you to overcome whatever crisis you face) and performing the "Daily Actions" to: * Reshape how I experience joy and gratitude in the coming year.

Went to sleep feeling real confident. Woke up like 🤔😟🤨🤬... Got me up to clean this crib and start my cooking tonight! On da menu....... Roast chicken Candied yams Baked mac and cheese Lemon garlic String beans BBQ beef riblets Roasted sweet corn Green salad Oh and #kingshawaiian rolls b/c they hit! I feel like I'm missing something If you're cooking.... what cha making?

Under Construction Until 2021

and I've loved keeping you up on what my ratchet growing self has been getting into. With the new normal, changing priorities, new routines, etc, I decided this is the time to revamp and update the blog and my social media. I'll be shifting the focus and updating the overall look & feel of the blog and The Ratchet Professional brand. While the blog gets its much-needed facelift, be sure to keep up via the other social media:

stalk @telfarglobal like you lined up for them Jordan's. Drops are random but they send the word out on the IG. #shopblackowned #blackowned #supportblackbusiness

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Getting my nails DID w/imPRESS® Press-On Manicure (Sponsored)

I love the medium length because it worked for my longer nail length and is typically the length I go for. The shorter length is great for work but barely covered my longer length nails. I supplemented the ring finger with the Lush Life nail because none of the nails fit my ring finger well enough. Its easy, takes less than an hr to apply, lasts 14 days (sometimes longer), and are super affordable and available almost everywhere.

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