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Photographer and writer in the areas of travel, event and culture. American born, Barcelona based. I love learning about art & history across the globe, and exploring all places strange, beautiful, unusual or off-the-beaten path. Sharing what I learn & experience through writing and photography,

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13 Secret Places in Barcelona Only Locals Know About

This is a great place to spend an afternoon having a picnic, and you’ll feel completely detached from the crowds and noise of city life. Tucked off to the side, you’ll find an old Greek amphitheater, which often attracts tons of local families and friends who picnic and play music along the steps. An excellent alternative to the crowds and chaos of the famous Rambla in Barcelona city center, Rambla de Poblenou is a long street which has tons of bars, restaurants and cafes in the super-local neighborhood of Poblenou. You can easily spend a day following the winding Carretera de les Aigues (‘road of the waters’ in English), walking through peaceful woods and surrounded by views of the city and countryside beyond.

Best Jobs in Barcelona for Expats & English-Speakers

Don’t be put off by those who say Spain’s economy or job market isn’t great. Work as an au pair, as it’s known in the EU, or cangur, as it’s known in Spain, isn’t too difficult to find in Barcelona. But if you’re in need of a job, call center work isn’t difficult to find, and you can still make enough to live as the price of living in Barcelona isn’t drastically high. They are: If you’re a professional in one of these fields, you might be in luck–but keep in mind that getting a work visa can still be tough, as the responsibility falls on the company to prove to the Spanish government that you’re the best person for the job, over any Spanish citizens.

8 Best Day Trips from Barcelona

Tarragona used to be a roman fortified city called Tarraco, and you can explore its history by wandering the ruins scattered about the old town – which is much smaller and quieter than Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, making you feel like you’ve truly traveled back in time. With stunning beaches like Mar Menuda and Platja Gran, a cozy village feel, great seafood, and even a castle to explore, a trip to Tossa de Mar feels like a visit to another world. How to get there To get to Tossa de Mar, take the 2 bus from Barcelona Estacio Nord (by the Arc de Triumf) and exit at the Tossa de Mar station. Close to Barcelona’s city center is Alta Allela vineyard, a gorgeous place to experience Catalunya’s wine tradition.

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