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I am the Goddess of Everything in Ally's Kitchen. From creative intellectual property to sharing the adventures of what life might be if we just step over that unexpected threshold! Dreams have no expiration date ~ally

Location Magic Carpet , MA The World
Country United States
Member Since JULY 19, 2018
Social Audience 30K Last Month
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lemon blueberry ricotta custard

And, what I think I love best about this recipe is how the blueberries kind of ‘explode’ during the baking and how it stains the custard. Creating an easy simple baked lemon ricotta cheese recipe is what I decided was a priority with this recipe. This lemon blueberry ricotta custard is kind of like a pudding, but not as creamy as pudding. Now if you wanmt this to be a simple lemon ricotta custard, then just omit the blueberries.

buttermilk spicy chicken tenders waffles

This is the best spicy fried chicken tenders you’ll ever bite into! Why don’t you take that crispy spicy fried tender and just fold the waffle around it, drizzle on some honey or maple syrup and you have a sandwich! Complete instructions for going slap happy crazy with buttermilk spicy fried chicken tenders waffles & cukes! This is the best spicy fried chicken tenders you'll ever bite into!

baby boomer stuff

Oh, yeah, for a while you can influence your kids’ likes and dislikes, their personalities, their emotions, their lives, but if you’re parental goal has been to raise independent, self-thinking, responsible, tax-paying, income-producing, emotionally healthy adult children, like most Mamas and Daddies want to do, then your kid, as a 20+ something year old or sooner, will be him or herself. Yes, there was everything there from the first grade hand prints, the pencil holder made by the oldest in pre-school, scores of Olan Mills’ school photos from every grade, yearbooks, yes, starting in elementary school to boxes of old Legos, Tonka trucks ( I know my boys don’t want all the things that I’ve saved for them, their children, their adult lives. One must move on, the highboy in our bedroom, the antique oak chest of drawers, the the glass display/china cabinet that held my extensive doll collection (which I’m now giving away, too, to special little girls), the big, albeit beautiful, TV cabinet/armoire (the old fashioned ones that hid those dinosaur TVs of pre-flat screen era) that’s now become a storage depository for office supplies.

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