Traci Havlik

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I am a fiery redheaded mother of 2, a full time teacher/coach and Cert. Personal Trainer who has taken her love of running and created a virtual gym membership and online presence to help connect other busy moms who don't have the time to get to a gym.

Currently I publish inspiring Instagram Posts and Facebook posts helping to motivate busy mom/teachers to take care of themselves so they can better care for those they love without the guilt! My first love is running and one of my FAVORITE things in the world is exploring new towns on foot. Currently i'm building my blog to share these experiences along with my passion for Mastering Your Mornings so you can Master Your Life through at home workouts and learning how to run.

My future plan is to continue growing my blog and my virtual fitness membership. I want to continue to bring energy and support to other moms and runners while helping them to find themselves through getting outside their comfort zone. I will be promoting my Run With Purpose Project helping moms identify their purpose through running and strength training. (Just because we are moms doesn't mean we can't continue to travel and experience life through regular physical activity and pursuing our dreams and goals!)

I have only recently started collaborations but did a large one with AE Dairy last fall (showing how dairy can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle) along with Glamping Utah (sharing how workouts can be done anywhere) along with run traveling. I also have been a regular guest on Hello Iowa and NBC affiliate sharing the importance of running in the winter, warm-ups for runners and how at home workouts can simplify your life yet make a huge improvement!

I would like to expand my reach by networking with health magazines, travel magazines, run and traveling, tourism and hiking, healthy eating while traveling, local races, destination races, hiking and outdoor magazine and outfitters etc.

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12 trail miles with @bswanson5 !! The @iowatrailruns series never disappoints! It was a gorgeous morning for a run and I'm SO proud of Brittany!! She come so far in her health and run journey the past few years. Consistency and clear goals is what has gotten here here. Today she had her longest run scheduled ever so I crashed the party. We ran 3 warm up miles before the race..raced a 5k. Then finished with another 6 to round out 12 miles on the day. I am feeling motivated and inspired!! What's your next goal? If your feeling a lack or to a friend or think about how it would feel to reach a certain will change your focus and change your life!!

It's sweatshirt weather! Ok..not super excited..I love all the heat and sweat but it is quite refreshing! I'm excited to see how my hot summer training turns with these cooler temps. This am I got a little extra sleep and ran a quick 3 mile hill workout. Yeehaww! 6x400 meter hill up..jog down. Long run and trail run up this weekend..what about you??

95 degrees? Let's ride!! I saw a few other sweat seekers on the bike trail yesterday..23 miles of pure Iowa heat and humidity..LOVE IT! Today was bodyweight mobility +cardio strength #hiitathome . I love being able to roll out of bed and knock out a time saving workout. Strength at home + cardio workouts give us the best of both worlds as both are important to our overall health! Chk out my story for a #bodyweight workout that you can knock out over your lunch or after work! Don't fear strength..embrace it!! Stick to basics Stay consistent ๐Ÿ’ชYOU GOT THIS.

Hi!! 5 AM club..are you in? I don't wake up all smiley wanting to pick up pumpkins..but after I coach my virtual workout..and run a few recovery miles I do! Sky and I picked up a few cute pumpkins @alt_farms yesterday. Such a cute fall inspiring spot! What IS so important is working out consistently! When are you most likely to workout? Do you like running or strength? Maybe it's walking and yoga..whatever it it consistently!

8 miles of sun, clouds, thunder, then sun again! It was slow..but that's the goal with these longer slow runs! Long slow runs have been proven toย strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems, enhance your fat-burning ability and make you mentally stronger. The "long run" should be performed once a week and the length will depend on your fitness level and run goals. What's the farthest you've run?

Fall feels in the air! My body was pretty sore this am and I was doubting myself being able to handle my goal pace repeat workout but I got it done. I did choose a hilly route for the run so my pace was anywhere from 7:50-8:30. ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธThe idea behind these goal paces is to push that lactate clearance , training your body to handle heavier loads of work, improving race day speed! How often do you add some speedwork into your weekly run or workout routine? Happy Saturday!

BLOGGN' & JOGGN'. Built to inspire and motivate exercise and active travel adventures! Just finished 1 of 4 Blogs about our trip to Alaska. It was pretty simple to get there, affordable and GORGEOUS! Check out blog 1 of our trip about the simplest way to get there, travel and lodging along with my TOP 5 ADVENTURES near ANCHORAGE! It includes photos, gorgeous fun videos and more! Please subscribe and share if you enjoyed it! Up NEXT: -Top trails to run explore near Anchorage -Eats and Libations in and near Anchorage -Alaskan Wedding Adventures

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