Adolfo Sirias

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Welcome to my world! I invite you to learn and earn in multiple ways. Most importantly, investing in yourself. Again, thank you for joining my journey and I look forward to working with you in person soon. To your success!

Location North Miami, FL
Country United States
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"Become the leader your life desparately needs..." What a crazy podcast we have today! Thank you for sharing information about the powerhouse of our thoughts! Dr. Philippe Douyon is a board certified neurologist, author, and consultant dedicated to help YOU take control of your brain! We talked about his story, exercise, illnesses of the brain and some tips and tricks to live a healthier life. Click the link in the bio to listen to the podcast. Like, comment, and share...

HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ENERGY: . TIP #1️⃣ Enjoy yourself. Laugh more, read more, learn more. Drugs, alcohol, and other diversions simply numb your pains, not cure them. Seek self-discovery. Manage yourself. For this, I suggest Peter Drucker's book "Managing Oneself." It'll change your life! . TIP #2️⃣ MAKE TIME FOR SOLITUDE. Some of us are spending time with family, friends, or just staying home. Whatever the case may be, make time, even if it’s just 20 minutes, to meditate. You don’t need to be an expert. But just take some time in your day to silence the noise. . It’s not hard and you don’t have to go all out. Just remember that everything in your life relies on energy. It’s all about energy! So just doing these small things can keep you in check. Enjoy Black Friday! 🍁🦃

"All etiquette is, is honoring others to build better relationships" Had the pleasure 🙏 to speak with @patricia_rossi. Patricia is NBC’s Daytime National Etiquette Correspondent. She is the author of Everyday Etiquette now in its 10th printing. Twitter's #1 Etiquette Professional world-wide. Been featured in: ● Money Magazine ● The New York Time ● Wall Street Journal ● USA Today ● HGTV ● Men’s Fitness and ● Bloomberg Businessweek Patricia loves working with the NFL, MLB, Collegiate Athletes, as well as professionals in the law, banking, and medical industry... She is proud to be the daughter of North Carolina Farmers. And she spoke here 🌷! Click the link in the bio! Comment, like, and share... You'll never know who is your next relationship to a million-dollar 💵, once-in-a-lifetime event!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Got a whole lot to be thankful for🙏🏽 One year can make a hell of a difference... Heck! Six months do the job. I'm just happy and grateful now that I can impact the world positively with the resources at hand... Thank you for following the journey! Shout out @nshss for last years trip ;) Now let’s crush this THANKSGIVING and the rest of the year⚡️⚡️⚡️

Be So F****ng Good They Can’t Ignore You! I’m really excited to share one more story with all of you... I met @juasline at the @nyahproject when we went to Ghana, Africa Since then, she’s been in extraordinary activities and experiences like the @possefoundation that took her to @hamiltoncollege FULL-RIDE! There, she’s majoring in Art and now selling it! We spoke about art, education, charity, and how to change the world! Look, when you provide value to the world you get to travel to Africa and get college paid for... It’s simple. Click the link in bio to listen to the podcast. Like, share and comment. Also listen to the previous podcasts ;)

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose... AMP It’s that simple... that’s all we want as human beings. Every individual seeks the way to take control of their life and dictate their destiny. Every individual wants to become the best at their craft. So much so to be the best at it IN THE WORLD! Every individual wants to find their PURPOSE. Why am I here? What’s my end goal? Who do I serve? The more you learn, the more control you have over your life... I challenge you to do something today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life that enhances your life by 10%... Yeah, that little. Only 10% better. You’ll be 3650% better by the end of next year. Now that you have the formula, what’s the first you’re going to take control of? Comment below!

What a crazy sh*t we’re building here! How many times do you get twins to jump on your mind space and share real, valuable, actionable value? Beyond grateful for the Dynamic FitPros @chrisandericmartinez and sharing their story from normal to struggle to what they’re building now... In this podcast, you’ll get to learn how to improve your physical and mental strength as well as taking your name to another level by following simple steps without headaches... Check out this Dynamic Duo, their free resources for you, and listen to the talk in the YT Channel... Click the link in bio now!

I read about 4-5 articles/day to learn more about personal finance, stay on top of current news, and to sharpen what I already know. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Another way to grow in this area is by making sure my social media feeds are surrounded by pages that motivate me on my financial journey and @_creditacademy is definitely one of the pages that has🔥 🔥 content! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Make sure to follow @_creditacademy for daily finance tips!⁣ •⁣ Right now you’re probably reading this from your bed after scrolling for over an hour online. ⁣ ⁣ Now would be the perfect time to find a personal finance article or blog on a topic of your interest, take a few notes, a few screenshots, and think about what you just read and how you can apply it to your own life. ⁣ Commit to learning something new each day on personal finance. If you are struggling with creating a household budget, a quick online search on that very topic would bring up a plethora of articles, books, videos, etc to assist you in that area.⁣ ⁣ Information is readily available to you at the click of a button.⁣ ⁣ What will you be learning today?⁣

"Every master was once a 🌚 disaster..." I actually learned that phrase just today from someone else. But when I spoke to @danielalonzo and he shared his story as a 21-year-old ready to live an impactful ⚡️ life, I knew there had to be a phrase as fitting and epic as that one... When Daniel started his professional life, he was not the man he is today. Not close. The conviction in his voice, the articulation in his speech, and the energy in his movement are really contagious and admirable... All I can say is thank 🙏 you! So if YOU are sick and tired of being sick and tired (this I learned from Daniel), make sure to check out this podcast, like it, comment on your thoughts, and share it with someone who'd gain value out of it.

Thank you @thelucasenatore for sharing your story and wisdom! Being an immigrant is a freaking gift! You master another language, learn resilience, and even get to be memorable and impactful... Click the link in bio for the full podcast and comment your own story if fit!

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