Brenda Dalton

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Brenda is a voice of hope and humor for moms dealing with the trials and tribulations of living with chronic illness. As an advocate for those with invisible illnesses, she's changing the way the world views chronic illness and disability, especially in young women and mothers.

Her goal is to show women they can live a fabulous life they love, even with limitations on health and diet. Her blog focuses on gluten-free entertaining, parenting tips, pregnancy and postpartum guides, shopping, and family travel.

Since being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases in her 20s, Brenda knows the toll these illness can take on women’s physical and mental health, and most importantly, one's livelihood to live a “normal” life like everyone else. She aims to inspire hope, bring humor, and encourage livelihood into her readers' lives each and every day.

Location Tulsa, Oklahoma
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 08, 2020
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Includes free family packing list! • Tulsa Lifestyle Blogger

For holidays, planning, vacations, short trips, long trips, you name it. , I’m going to be sharing some of my most used lists in my arsenal: Road Trip Packing List for Toddlers (and Parents!). We’ve gone on a number of road trips with our son in the last two years. As a bonus, you can download the full five-page printable packing checklists for toddlers and parents for free by clicking here!

Favorite Kitchen Tools for Parents • Tulsa Lifestyle Blogger

You’ll find my favorite tools for both parents to use and a few bonus tools that your child can use once they’re From bottle warmers the first few months to baby food makers and storage, here are my favorite baby kitchen tools. Everything changes when your kids start eating real food with minimal prep; however, that doesn’t mean you don’t need special tools to help make their meals easier! P.S., if you’re visiting and haven’t created your baby registry yet, you can create a registry through my link and receive a free baby box filled with lots of goodies after your first $35 is purchased through your registry!

My Hair Loss Story (And How I Learned to Love Wigs!) • Tulsa Lifestyle Blogger

I’m telling you: The women’s hair loss community on Instagram is straight up amazing. They didn’t look like me, they didn’t feel like me, they didn’t match or blend at all. For years, I’ve been really, incredibly shy about sharing what I’ve gone through the last six or so years with my chronic illness. I’m now ready to support YOU Now that I’ve seen how women in the hair loss community have shared their stories – and made me realize I wasn’t alone

The Ultimate Guide to Infusions From a Patient Perspective • Tulsa Lifestyle Blogger

Once I arrive at my appointment at my rheumatologist’s office and I’m checked in, they bring me back and ask a few questions: At my doctor’s office, you’ll be placed in a private room if you’re seeing the doctor that day. As a mom, I kind of look forward to my infusions because I can sit back, relax, and sit quietly for a few hours when I’m not 100% exhausted at the end of the day! I’m incredibly lucky in that my husband often takes a half-day on my infusion days, so he’s home to hang out with our toddler while I nap, take it easy, and rest in bed.

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