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UK Parenting & Lifestyle blog about identical twins & son. Sarcastic but honest Twitter: IG:

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Keeping Your Fitness Goals On Track: New Ways To Boost Motivation

If you’ve tried working out with a buddy, buying new gym clothes and using visualisation techniques to increase your enthusiasm levels, and you’re still struggling, here are some new ways to help you get back on track. This might sound like it’s a step backwards, but often, we get so caught up in what we want the future to look like that we forget about why we started the journey in the first place. If you want to inspire others at the same time as increasing your motivation to carry on training, have you thought about setting up a social media account or page to share your journey and exchange training and fitness tips? Hang on in there, have fun, don’t forget how far you’ve come or why you started training, and use your story to connect with and inspire others.

Thank You Gifts This Mother's Day

For some, saying thank you can be a grand gesture as a spa break, night away or an expensive designer handbag. Not having to make three different breakfasts and then quickly grab a yogurt all whilst clock watching before school, means that not having to do it one morning is such heaven! I think vouchers are a great way to ensure that someone really does spoil themselves, as if I have had cash I usually end up just adding it to my purse and spending it on the weekly shop! Be kind this year to those around you and remember you don’t need to splash the cash on thank you gifts to show someone how much they mean to you.

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