Heather Brummett

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Houston Blogger Influencing since 2010 Spreading ✌️❤️😁 “The more you learn, the more can grow! “ -me

Location Houston, Texas south
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Emma’s roses are in full bloom! 🌹 Fun fact: My in laws bought this rose bush for my daughter when she was born. It is the only plant that I planted that has stayed alive and blooming all these years! Freezes, hurricanes, no TLC, drought, floods, it keeps coming back! Strong and resilient just like her! ❤️ Tag someone that is strong and resilient!! 👇 #rosesofinstagram #strongwomen #strongisbeautiful #neverstopgrowing

So many people I’ve talked to the past few weeks are in the same place as me. We’ve been stuck for the last 2 years just … well surviving… going through the motions of those crazy and very strange couple of years. Now we are ready for change! Ready to make goals again! Ready to plan again! Ready to do all the things! So let’s do it! All we have is today! Grab it by the horns, make your plan, find that dream, and follow it! The time is NOW! Let’s do it!

Isn’t she lovely?!?!? I guess May showers bring May flowers. ;) Look at my beautiful magnolia!! I planted this baby tree 2 years ago and it is finally blooming! I’m so excited! It’s the little things! It’s bringing me JOY today! What is something simple or big that is bringing you joy today?

I realize y’all are probably sick of seeing my feet but here’s the thing. The sand and the sea is where I feel the most grounded. I feel free! I feel confident. I feel peace. I feel hope. I feel happy! I always want to encourage you to find that place! That place where you are over come with peace and happiness! All the cares disappear. Maybe it is your car, your meditation room, your bedroom, a park, a farm, with your animals. It can be a million different places. But find your place. Visit often! Especially when you feel heavy or empty! Fill your tank! You are worth it! Where is that place for you? Share below 👇 Ps if you made it this far in this post I have a secret—- I got a new foot tattoo. Once it is all healed I can’t wait to get new feet pics in the sand! 😉 If you are my mom reading this- surprise! 😂 And you’ll love it! 🥰

Every now and then give yourself time to rest, reset, feel, heal, laugh, cry, enjoy something you love, get away, or just be. Allowing yourself this time is real self love. As women, we often go until our tank is beyond low, it is empty and out of gas. I challenge you today to take some time. Do what you need to help that tank fill back up! It’s not being selfish. It’s loving yourself to know you need to stop. Then you can get back to being the best YOU! Ideas: Snuggle with your fur baby Write in a journal Spend time outside Work on a hobby that you enjoy Talk to a friend or family member Take a nap! Watch that show you’ve been wanting to watch (I watched #TheThingAboutPam on Hulu this weekend and it’s great! #dateline for the win!) Hot bubble bath Go for a walk Take a day trip Do nothing What do you do when you need an all important rest and reset? ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #mentalhealth #selfcareday #selfcareisnotselfish #mentalhealthmatters #selfcarematters #selfcareposts #selfcaresunday #selfcaresundays #selfcarethread #selfcaretips #selflove #mentalhealthawareness #emotionalsupportanimal #inspiringwomen #christianblogger #christiangirls #christianmom #christianwoman #jesuslovesyou #jesusgirl #womenoffaith #darlingmovement #encouragementgallery #thatsdarling #yourinfluence #wellwateredwomen #propelwomen #shesharestruth

What brings you joy? What steals your joy? Think about it! Life is too short and too precious to spend time things that steal your joy. So today. Stop. Think. Decide. Eliminate the things being your joy down and do more of the things that bring you joy! What is one thing you can do today to bring you joy? 📸 me Daytona Beach Florida #inspiringwomen #bibleverse #christianwomen #christianblogger #christiangirls #naturephotography #christianliving #biblestudy #christianmom #christianwoman #christianblog #christianquotes #psalms #christianinspiration #jesuslovesyou #jesusgirl #womenoffaith #darlingmovement #encouragementgallery #thatsdarling #yourinfluence #wellwateredwomen #propelwomen #shesharestruth

The 3 C's in life: choice, chance, change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want change. Make a choice today! ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #changestartswithyou #inspiration #changeisgood #change #changetheworld #changemaker #motivation #changeiscoming #changeyourself #changemakers #bethankfuleveryday #inspireothers #positivity #happinessisaninsidejob #focused #focus #positivemindset #happinessisachoice #thinkpositive #focusonthegood #mindsetiseverything # #rebel #youcandoanything #me #staytruetoyourself #quotes #photography #goodvibes #focusonyourgoals

The expression life is a highway sounds good but is not always true. It's not always blue skies, beautiful sunshine, or amazing sunsets everyday. BUT We can find JOY in every day! If you look. Sometimes you have to stop and really look but you will see it! Sometimes it is really hiding. On this beautiful ride I captured the beautiful clear sky along this quiet road as reminder of blessings all around us. I risked my phone for this shot hanging out the window. But it was so worth it! (P.s. I was not driving ;) ) Today. Stop. Look. Find Joy. #findingjoy #sheisnotlost #shedelights #inspiringwomen #godisgoodallthetime #skyphotography #lifteachotherup #womenofgrace #womenwhobloom #naturebrilliance sky blue skies highway Roadtrip inspiration

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