Amber That Midwestern Mom

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Amber Estenson, That Midwestern Mom, is a mom living in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota, land of Ope, Uffda, hotdish and Jello salad.

You may have seen her viral videos on Tiktok/IG/FB poking fun at her regional dialect and hilarious Midwestern  cuisine, singing “Minnesota salads that aren’t really salads.”   Her viral video “snickers salad” in April 2021, landed her on BuzzFeed, Now this News,, and she has been going nonstop ever since! 

But there’s more! She is an opera singer by training, a teacher by trade, a cook/baker/salad maker out of  necessity, a mom by choice, a traveler inspired by a curiosity, multi-lingual by immersion, social media sensation by surprise,  and Midwestern by birth. She is the gosh darn whole potluck, dontcha know!

I’m hoping to branch out with other brands to build my profile. I’ve had very successful partnerships with Tootsie Roll, JCPenney, Mr Bubble, Oscar Mayer, CBS and MORE!

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I’m already THAT neighbor that always forgets trash day, never mows her lawn often enough and always needs a cup of sugar…so at least I don’t have to feel embarrassed about this, because they have come to expect it from me anyway 🤪 #minnesota #midwest #hotmess #mom #snow #snowstorm #winter #garbage #trash #trashday #snowday #yeet it in the #street 😂

Apparently, my mom’s pantry is some things super special! Everyone lost their minds over it. My #adhd does OK with the set up, because her pantry has been organize this way since I was a kid. 😅 #pantry #tour #midwest #midwestern #mom #minnesota #kitchen #storageideas #storage

Posted with permission! My kid is so awesome. The ad in question per contract is pinned to the top of my account for 24 more hours. Enjoy! #minnesota #mom #midwest #teen #momsofteens #cringe #storytime

Does everyone remember when I was looking for the @kellyclarkson dress from her album “wrapped in red” and one of my followers Cassandra from @theeme_couture offered to design and make me a dress? Here it is 🥰 ❄️ Here are some fun facts about this original design… ❄️89 hours of labor ❄️Approximately 15 yards of fabric ❄️75 snowflake appliqués that took 35 hours to make on her embroidery machine. They also have Swarovski crystals and are hand stitched on the dress  ❄️the built-in corset utilizes 2 spring steel and 10 coil steel bones More photos to come from Washington DC where it was considerably warmer! (19°F next to the river with 10 mile an hour winds was super fun but worth it) @kellyclarksonshow #nyc #brooklyn #brooklynbridge #midwest #mom #midwestern #winter #snowflakes #design #dress #fashion #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #midsize photos by @daveyxking

GIVEAWAY that will have you clutching your pearls! I’m hooking you all up with vibrators! EVERYONE who signs up will receive either a free vibrator or a gift card! All you have to do is: ✨ Click the link in my Instagram bio ✨ Sign up with your email ✨ See your first gift from @bellesaco 100% discreet shipping & billing ✨ Tag someone who deserves a vibe!

Teaching @pachatzke how to be a #midwestern #mom before she moved to #northdakota from #lasvegas ! #minnesota #midwest #salad #recipe #comedy #satire but really, the #recipes are very real 😂

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