Brittney Speedling

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MN girl - Home, family and decor blogger. Always looking for the next DIY project I can watch my husband finish for me 🤣

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In September I made the decision to stop working the side business I've been doing since 2017. I lost my passion for it and I decided based on some of the things that happened at that time that I could no longer stand behind what I thought I believed in for so long. I decided to focus on my corporate job and affiliate marketing through some other companies on Instagram where their pay structure was different. It didn't require me to build a team of people who I was profiting off of who could never be successful. What I've seen since I left has been gross. Women bashing other women aggressively, passive aggressively and repetitively. Have you ever considered, that if someone else's decision to change jobs upsets you - there is something in your life that needs work? I accepted a new position at my corporate job last week and when I told my friends, you know how they reacted? Sad that we wouldn't be working side by side anymore but so unbelievably excited for me. If you want to work in an industry that is known for being toxic, but claim your business is different - stop treating people like assholes and start celebrating other people's wins - even when you don't make money off of them. Not even apologizing.

Hey friends! Checking in with you on this Wednesday morning. It's been a tough few weeks over here but I'm vowing to continue to stay positive, determined and consistent (my words of the year) I've been working on this wall in my office since August. Using Viynl and my @cricut to cut out song lyrics and create a wallpaper. I've always been a fun of music, and when I have time it gives me a creative project. What are your favorite song lyrics for the wall?

This isn't your typical home decor post. Scrolling the gram and coming across a picture of a gun may have stopped you because you either think guns are wonderful, or you have no idea why you're following someone who would post one. When I stared this Instagram account, it was so I could share with you the process of remodeling our new house from start to finish. But one of the reasons we bought this house - was so we would have land where we can target shoot and protect ourselves. Is this something you're interested in learning about? Self defense and survival? Or not your thing?

Hi. I hope you have an amazing holiday. I've missed you guys. That is all.

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours. And just like every holiday - I'm thinking of every single person struggling through the holiday with loss, grief, illness and whatever circumstance that make today hard. You're on my heart today and always. ❤

Yesterday was annual cookie baking day and I'm exhausted! We baked from 9am until close to 7pm. What are your favorite holiday cookies?

Yesterday was a tough day. Between the holidays, and the way the world is currently I had a hard time controlling my emotions. One thing that's constant, is my love for my family. I never sway, never question, never wonder if they're going to bring me joy. Kinsley made this Christmas ornament at daycare last year and every time I see it, it makes me smile. I think it's because she's SO proud of it. And seeing my kids faces light up because they're so proud of something they made really brings me joy. This picture is obviously zoomed in, but what do you think of the tree? Real or fake?

Every year I scroll through social media and see the posts of my friends and family being Thankful. I've always been a writer, and it's in my nature to write some long, drawn out post about how I am so thankful for my family and my home and my health. Don't get me wrong, I am. But it's so hard to write. Especially the past couple years. How can I talk about how grateful I am for my family while friends mourn the loss of their husband, wife, mom, dad, grandparents, children, pets etc? Some may say I should take this moment to be even more grateful for what I have - but it still weighs on me. As we sit around a table today talking about the things that bring us joy - take a second if you're a praying person to think about the ones that are struggling today. If you're not a praying person, keep them in your thoughts. They need you during the holidays more than ever. I'm so freaking thankful for what I have - and I am so freaking thankful to whoever is reading this. We're all so lucky to live this thing we call life. Tag a friend in the comments who needs a little extra love this holiday weekend to let them know you're thinking of them. 📸 @blonde_to_the_bone_

I'm breaking all the internet marketing rules and posting 2 x in one day. 1 because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and 2 because Friday I'm going to be shopping so hard my feet fall off. I've shared with you over the past 3-4 months about my hairloss. Some of its been due to hormones, some of it due to stress, some due to aging. I've been using highly absorbable liquid Collagen and I've also discovered benefits for my skin, gut and joints too. Their home products are non toxic, they smell amazing and they're super affordable. Plus if you use my referral link first time customers get my discount automatically embedded for 10 off. I'm going to give away a bottle of Liquid Collagen to someone who grabs anything of any dollar amount from my link now through Sunday. (Check my stories for the live drawing) There is a link in my IG bio, or in the comments if you're seeing this on Facebook. Thanks so much for considering shopping my comissionable links this holiday season. It helps my family more than you know ! ❤

Five years ago today I sat down on the bathroom floor while the pregnancy test sat on the counter. I didn't want to look at it, because we had been trying to have a second baby for a while and it was starting to become too much stress on our relationship. We agreed that if it was negative we would be done. We could be happy having just Ryker. We would have more money, we could travel and God knows we would sleep more 🤣 I got up to look at the test, and it was positive. Adam didn't believe it, he didn't think the line was clear enough I later confirmed in the bathroom with a digital test the next day at work (that's a story for another time) Ultimately we were so excited, but that day also had double meaning for me! I struggled when I was pregnant with Ryker and after he was born, I continued to smoke cigarettes. When I got that confirmation I was pregnant I knew how hard it would be in the hospital again, and I have not touched a cigarette since. 5 years today! To those struggling with fertility issues, or struggling with smoking - I see you! Just keep going. 🙏

Cool Gift Alert! As you know, over here @barkridgehome we debated between building a wine bar or a coffee bar into our kitchen. We ultimately decided on a coffee bar and we have never regretted it. One of our favorite things to add are new coffees! Since we're moving into holiday territory what better gift is there than a coffee sampler box? The Atlas Coffee Club sampler box comes with 4 coffees from around the world. It comes with a postcard postcard each coffee country and a tasting card. Check for the link in my bio and use code 30NSBSUH for a discount! #myatlascoffeeclub #sponsored

Okay okay. I know it's the week of Thanksgiving but I'm ready to skip right to Christmas Decor. 🎄 I am going to spend some time this week practicing gratitude and enjoying family. I do count my blessings but something about the twinkle lights [love you mom] and the glow of the villages really improve my mood. The holidays can be a exciting but I know that they're also really challenging for some. Some dealing with unimaginable loss. Some battling sickness and disease. Some battling mental health. And some battling addiction. Please know that every one of you are in my thoughts this holiday season. And if someone at your holiday party is not drinking, instead of asking why they're not drinking - remember nobody asks people why they don't smoke, or go why they don't didn't shoot up some drugs in the bathroom. Alcohol is a struggle for many people and it's just as normal not to drink as it is to drink. Happy Thanksgiving week friends. Tag a friend you love in the comments and let them know you're thinking of them. ❤ sending out coffee cards to random strangers you tag on Friday.

Hi. I'm Brittney and this is my page for Bark Ridge Home. I'm so happy you stopped by! This page was created in an effort to share the remodel of our 1970s rambler in the country. Now that it's been complete, we have started sharing other projects along with our family. We are from Minnesota. Current projects coming include: Bedroom remodel including accent wall, new bed and potentially refinishing bedroom set. Outdoor decking, garden, pool installation, driveway and concrete. Finishing our basement and adding a bedroom, egress windows and bathroom. Barn with apartment. We would love to have you stick around and join in this journey will us. ❤ Brittney, Adam, Ryker, Kinsley and Stella too!

It's almost 70 degrees in Minnesota. In NOVEMBER! We obviously had to get outside today. We spent some time in the backyard with cousins today listening to music and playing in the yard. Yesterday I got this outdoor speaker from @alteclansingofficial #ad the sound quality is 🔥 . If you're looking for a cool gift for a music lover on your list during the holidays - this one is pretty great. Plus it's waterproof! How are you spending this beautiful day?

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