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Summit Coach, Speaker, Mountaineer, Alzheimer's Advocate. Oldest American to summit K2 in 2014; Everest in 2011.

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Everest 2019: Training Before Climbing

It may seem strange that most Everest teams do some additional training at Base camp before starting their paper climb. Early this week, the course is filled! But first, the news

Everest 2019: Deadly Crash at Lukla

Already considered one of the most difficult airports in the world, today April 14, 2019, at the Lukla Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal an aircraft designed for high-altitude, short runway take-offs and landings veered to the right while taking off, crashing into a parked helicopter killing the first officer of the airplane and one police officer standing near the helicopter. A second police officer who was injured, later died while undergoing surgery in Kathmandu

Everest 2019: Weekend Update April 14

“Welcome to Base Camp!” has been heard over and over this past week. Teams are arriving at EBC daily and on the Tibet side, the roads are full with SUVs driving to CBC

Everest 2019: Prayers Before Climbing

Ceremonies mark life. Many come with a birth of a child, a union of a couple or upon death

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