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Welcome to Crushing Motherhood. Are you crushing motherhood or is it crushing you? 🤦‍♀️

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The Exact Steps to Convince Your Boss to Switch to Part-Time

Most of the people I talk to don’t pursue the part-time option because * They don’t think it’s an option at their current company This is step one to design your part time work for moms proposal – think about all the different ways you could benefit your business unit or company in a part-time capacity. So now that you have ideas on how you could benefit your current organization as a part-time employee, let’s talk about how to position this and propose your idea to your company. Now it’s time to present your part time work for moms proposal to your manager.

3 Steps to Make Your Goals Inevitable.

Moms (like you and I) putting ourselves LAST (or, worse, not even on the list at all) inspired me to create the Year of You series. We’ll have a 3-day challenge every month, focused on putting YOU first. We’ll start January by getting CLEAR on what we want to accomplish and what the Year of You means to each one of us. I’ll help you pinpoint where you’re getting stuck and develop a strategy to accomplish what you want in life

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