Mayuri Saxena

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Welcome! The Crazy List is a lifestyle blog. It covers everything from fashion to motivation to parenthood, and it strive to be authentic. Remember no one is busy in this world , it’s all about priorities. Lists simplify, clarify and edify!

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13 Sleep Hygiene Checklist: Fall asleep faster and sleep longer

Dale Carnegie 13 healthy sleeping hygiene checklist that will ensure that you sleep faster and longer. Following the same steps each night – washing your face, brushing your teeth, reading a book, or skincare routine can tell your brain that it’s time to sleep. 8. 2 Hours gap between last meal and sleep While you can have healthy snacks at night, it’s best to avoid large meals before sleeping. If it’s nothing else, it’s worry and anxiety that’s bothering your sleep hygiene.

21 New Year Resolutions for 2021

Yes, fin-spirational podcasts and skinimalism are on the New Year’s Resolution List – and my Resolutions for 2021 look different, too. In 2021, that’s the lesson I am going to practice for the whole year. Here are my New Year Resolutions for 2021: Need a friend? Learning a new language is a challenge that I have subscribed for this year.

Short Inspirational Quotes: 10 Free Phone Wallpapers for 2021

Embrace the changes and make 2021 a successful year with these short inspirational quotes. It’s time to celebrate endings and embrace the New Year, 2021, with some words of wisdom, positivity and motivational quotes. Plus there are 10 short inspirational quotes phone wallpapers to inspire you 26 Short Inspirational Quotes and 10 free phone wallpapers that will help you achieve 2021 goals and intentions.

15 Easy and Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020

The holiday season is finally here, and before the fun holiday festivities arrive, it’s time to get ready with Homemade Christmas gifts. Before you indulge in the marathon of gifts-buying, look at these tips to make smart choices and save money this holiday season – ring in the New Year with celebration rather than panic. It is a perfect gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, and teachers this holiday season. A cookie mix is a better gift as in the holiday season we are inundated with sweets, cakes, and cookies.

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