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Representing the LGBT+ Community within the travel industry to increase LGBT+ visibility through stories, experiences, tips, and tricks.

Location Raleigh, North Carolina USA
Country United States of America
Member Since OCTOBER 18, 2018
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How to Plan a Perfect Trip to Joshua Tree

March to May is considered the Spring season and it is arguably the best time of the year to visit both Joshua Tree National Park as well as the town of Joshua Tree. If you’re hoping for a quiet desert retreat with easy access to both Joshua Tree National park and the town then this is place for you. Joshua Tree National Park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can visit anytime of the day or night. When you’re planning your trip to Joshua Tree National Park, you may plan to visit as a day trip from Los Angeles or Palm Springs.

Spooky Things To Do In North Carolina at Halloween

It’s a wonderful place to visit and explore at any time of the year but Fall happens to be my favorite time to visit. Ghost Walk and Haunted Pub Crawl of Old Wilmington, to learn all about the city’s haunts! However, if you’re the type who lives for the spooky and supernatural then you need to visit the Devil’s Tramping Ground. One of the best places to view the Brown Mountains Lights is from Wiseman’s View located in Marion, NC in the Linville Gorge.

Updating Our Home Garden From Drab to Fab

Nevertheless, being forced to stay home has benefited me in that it made me recognize how awesome my home is and how much I can do to make it better. I’d begun to feel weary, not of travel, but of not belonging to a community and feeling detached from my home. But this forced pause in travel adventures has given me and Alfred plenty of time to focus on making our home the kind of place we’d like to spend time at. I feel very lucky we prioritized making our home the kind of place where we actually want to spend time.

Transitioning the Blog

Even today there are loads of people who don’t feel they can live their most authentic lives and that’s why all of this matters. When you die, you won’t remember all your possessions and wealth, you’ll think of the experiences you’ve had and the people you’ve loved and who have loved you. I’ve grown accustomed to the idea that every trip is technically a work trip and I can always learn enough about a place I am visiting to create new blog posts and other content. Every time a content creator talks to me about how things will go back to normal, I can’t help but think they are blind with optimism.

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