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Travel Guide: How to Get a UK Visa and Enjoy Your Stay

If you have always dreamt of walking through medieval Cambridge and get inspired by the spirit of the greatest minds ever lived, discovering the most iconic modern art on the streets of Bristol, seeing the mysterious Stonehenge, and getting stunned by very unique and incredible London, it is time to visit Great Britain. If you are a holder of a non-US passport, visit the official website of the British embassy and look for visa requirements. You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to get them done, just get a Passport Photo Maker, open an image in the program, choose the UK in the list of countries, select Visa in the drop-down menu of ID types and the software will do the rest. If you are traveling with kids, check out the famous Harry Potter places, have a fun day at Legoland, or visit one of the biggest in the world safari parks.

Is it possible to be eco-friendly while traveling?

By choosing to take a plane, you have a bigger impact on the planet -CO2wise- and you are helping climate change. By choosing to take the plane, you also choose to take a taxi when you land in order to access the city centre. Hotels are not seen in a good light when it comes to the environmental crisis: private swimming pools, new soap every day, little chocolate bar under your pillow, washing towels daily, and the list goes on. Recognizing greenwashing is simple: If your user experience does not change, it’s probably greenwashing.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Travelling Solo

I don’t like my plans to be so rigid that I can’t freely explore or change my itinerary last minute! No matter how confident you are about travelling, basic research and planning will come in handy for solo travel. Apps like allow you to download an offline map of the place you are planning to travel to in advance, so that even without data or WIFI, you wo With an insatiable obsession for travel, when she isn’t hopping from country to country, she’s at home in London, England, planning her next trip (or five).

Vegan Rio de Janeiro: Guide to Eating Vegan in Rio de Janeiro

Serving sushi, maki, salads, soups and bowls as well as a small range of sweet snacks to take away, this cute place in a row of eateries is popular with office workers in the area, but is also right between Ipanema Beach and the Lagoon, making it an ideal stop off point on a sightseeing tour of this part of Rio. Service is friendly and helpful, though staff didn’t speak much English when I visited, though the menu is written in Portuguese and English making this quite easy. Where to Stay in Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro is a big city with many distinct neighbourhoods. Other neighbourhoods worth considering are Botafogo (definitely the new hipster hotspot close to a lot of the sights), Urca (a somewhat exclusive residential area at the bottom of the Sugarloaf Mountain) and Santa Teresa (a colonial and now somewhat new-age hilly neighbourhood close to Downtown).

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