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Perlu Launch Studio brings influencer marketing programs to life.

Backed by our community of thousands of influencers in every category, no agency can move as quickly to bring your brand to new audiences.

Our innovative process ensures your brand stands out and gets the attention it deserves.

What’s the tech behind Launch Studio? is a professional community of thousands of influencers. Our simple and elegant tools make finding, qualifying and collaborating with influencers amazingly fast and easy.

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About Perlu

Perlu is a professional community for brands and influencers.

We provide tools that help our members connect, collaborate, and grow.

Trusted by these brands & agencies.

Brand Partners

Mike's Hot Honey, Beak & Skiff 1911, Bruichladdich, Schär, Mount Gay Rum, Walton Family Foundation, Baidu, BMW, Chobani

Agency Partners

Los York, MRM//McCann, Rally, APCO Worldwide, Subculture Club

Achieve More for Your Business

Amplify Your Message

Perlu’s community of influencers has a collective audience reach of over 330 million. Perlu connects you with the right audiences for your niche.

Create Stunning Content

Connect and collaborate with highly creative influencers to produce videos, stories, blog posts and other content that will engage and thrill your audience.

10x Your Sales

Extend your sales channels with Perlu influencers. Our influencers can be your advocates, driving conversions and sales.

Building an army of 1,400 foodie influencers for Chobani

Perlu can scale your influencer marketing to historic levels. Our influencers published 60 original recipes per month featuring Chobani greek yogurt. Content with the #madewithChobani hashtag reached more than 29,000,000 consumers, and helped secure the #1 position on Google for “greek yogurt recipes”.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround To Engage Voices Representing 430,000 Consumers

Perlu enabled the Stoli brand planning team to build a network of more than 30 qualified influencers, and engage 6 of them in a focus group. Result: fresh consumer insights revealing issues, emotions, and daily realities for customers in key target demographics. All within 48 hours.

Ready for new levels of impact with influencer marketing?